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SOBRsure™ Device + Subscription

SOBRsure™ Device + Subscription


SOBRsure™ is a game-changing, fitness-style wristband for advanced alcohol safety, support and recovery. This game-changing solution for alcohol monitoring requires no administered or scheduled testing. Individuals are now independent from dehumanizing breathalyzers or fluid tests. The band empowers both accountability and confidence...just wear SOBRsure and live life

Our app-based technology makes it easy for families or professionals to monitor progress. The application provides alcohol detection alerts, pinpoint location tracking and band removal notifications.  

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SOBRsafe utilizes transdermal (touch-based) science to detect alcohol consumption with our SOBRsure band. When a person consumes alcohol, a portion is emitted through the skin. Our technology utilizes an electrochemical sensor to accurately detect these emissions, verifying the absence or presence of alcohol in an individual. 

Other key SOBRsure features include: 

+ GPS tracking

+ Removal alerts

+ 3-day battery life

+ Comfortable, adjustable band

+ Two Sizes: 8.25” and 10.5” 

+ Easy-charge dock

+ USB power cable

Compliance Reporting

Currently, SOBRsure provides highly accurate point-in-time alerts and notifications. As anticipated in Third Quarter 2024, SOBRsafe will provide individuals with the ability to share historical proof of sobriety and compliance.

Monitoring Duration - $29.99 a month
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Customer testimonials

SOBRsure is the first of its kind - a voluntary prevention wearable for continuous alcohol monitoring

It is Ideal for accountability in recovery, building co-parenting trust and combating drunk driving. A parent, a therapist, a sponsor, an attorney - they can virtually verify that at anytime the wearer is alcohol-free. Imagine independence form scheduled or administered tests - just attach SOBRsure and live life.

This is a great product and I’m glad I was introduced to it. I don’t think I would be here right now if it wasn’t for this band.

SOBRsure’s continuous, passive monitoring has been a welcome change from the traditional remote breath products, and it has led to positive outcomes.

We are pleased to report one client wearing SOBRsure has now achieved over 120 consecutive days of sobriety, as empirically demonstrated through the SOBRsure app.

SOBRsafe Technology: How It Works

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael M.
Sobrsure is the best!

I love my Sobrsure device, it is an awesome deterrent for me! If having a drink crosses my mind, seeing that device on my wrist reminds me that someone who cares about me will be alerted if I take a drink.

Erin S.
So thankful for this technology!

This is just what our family needed. Trust is slowly being established.

john k.
Great Device

This device works great and is just what was needed.