Easy Monitoring for Families or Professionals

No administered or scheduled testing… just wear and
live life

89-93% accurate at 3-4 drinks; up to 99% accurate at 5+ drinks

Anonymized data, monitoring with no public visibility  

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Advanced Technology, Simple Application

+ Alcohol detection alerts

+ Pinpoint location tracking

+ Band removal notifications

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  • For Teen Drivers

    About one in four teen car crashes involves an underage drinking driver. SOBRsure takes the worry away. This sleek, fitness-style wearable protects against teen drunk driving through continuous alcohol monitoring, GPS location tracking and band removal alerts. Be sure your teen driver is alcohol-free, wherever they are.

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  • For Recovery

    Research consistently shows that monitoring in early recovery helps improve outcomes. SOBRsure's passive, non-invasive technology empowers people in the fight against addiction, keeping them abstinent and accountable. Individuals in recovery now have independence from scheduled or administered tests – just attach SOBRsure and live life.

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Ready for Reliable Recovery Support? Get 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring with a Wearable Sensor from SOBRsafe

A Revolution in Monitoring

$199 per band plus a monthly subscription fee

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